Egusi sauce

Egusi sauce is made in the Central African Republic. Egusi sauce is made from the seeds of certain forms of squash, melon, or gourd. The soup is served atop rice, cooked vegetables or grilled meat, such as goat, chicken, beef or fish. This dish isn’t unique to just the Central African Republic, but people in many other central African countries also eat Egusi sauce. Egusi seed is also made into a soup in other parts of Africa. In most forms of egusi, cooks tend to add a host of different peppers into their sauce; this addition of heat can connect the world together.

1 small onion
1 tomato
1 Poblano pepper (or other chili pepper – go hotter if you’d like!)
chili powder, to taste
1 1/2 cups egusi, ground

In a food processor, add tomato, onion, and chili pepper. Puree, then add to a pot with the egusi, some chili powder (as desired) salt, pepper, and enough water to make the mixture into a sauce-like consistency.

Cook 5-10 minutes until the raw onion flavor dissipates.

Serve with extra chili power on top. Great with grilled meat.

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